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A WBT classroom is a constantly rewarding, no failure environment.  Rewards without threats of failure are good for brains!

When Timmy doesn’t know the answer to a question, or answers incorrectly, quickly say, “Tell Timmy ‘it’s cool!”  Your class says, “it’s cool!”  Tim isn’t embarrassed; you quickly supply the right answer.  Perhaps best of all, when you make a mistake, your class will give you a merry, and forgiving, “it’s cool!”

No. No. Really? Seriously?

Mrs. Quiggle: Timmy, where on the number line is four-fifths?

Timmy: Ummm. Between four and five?

Entire Fucking Class: It’s cool!

T: Yeah? It’s cool? I got it right?

Mrs. Q: Oh, four-fifths is right here. Right about here. If you can just imagine this space spliced up… Yes, that’s right, it’d be sitting right here, Timmy.

T: So I did not get it right.

EFC: It’s cool that you said four-fifths is between four and five, Timmy. We wanted you to be merry.

T: Who’s Mary?

Mrs. Q: They meant merry, dear, like Merry Christmas! Oh, oops, I shouldn’t have said the word Christmas. I’m so sorry.

T: So the class wanted me to be merry-as-in-Merry-Christmas because I said the wrong answer?

EFC: We wanted to be forgiving too, Timmy.

T: Forgiving? Like I committed a goddamn sin? And what’s so cool about my giving a wrong answer? This is so goddamn embarrassing!

Mrs. Q: Oh, watch your language, dear. But you shouldn’t be embarrassed, dear! I mean you shouldn’t be because I quickly supplied you with the right answer!

EFC: Remember, Timmy, we’re in a WBT class where your farts don’t stink and your wrong answers are cool.

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