Who needs sleep. It’s been an exciting past couple of months sitting at my desk rebuilding blogs and websites. The only thing more stimulating would be to poke needles in my eyes. I re-created so you can now copy and/or save the patterns. It looks pretty much the same otherwise.

Once again, I want to mention all these good people who have contributed the patterns.

  • David Wees
  • John Golden
  • Kate Nowak
  • Sarah Strong
  • Katie N.
  • Avery Pickford
  • Justin Lanier*
  • Chris Hunter*
  • Simon Gregg
  • Jonathan Newman
  • Henri Picciotto*
  • Don Steward
  • Mary Dooms
  • Nik Doran
  • Chris Robinson
  • Mimi Yang
  • Robert Kaplinsky
  • Austin Otero Rodriguez
  • Michael Pershan
  • Megan Schmidt
  • Mike Lawler
  • Matt Owen
  • Jeffrey Hart
  • Matt Vaudrey
  • Dean Adalian
  • Elaine Watson
  • Kasey Clark
  • Math Curmudgeon

*These folks didn’t really voluntarily contribute, I just stole the pattern off their site.

I’m about 40 patterns behind in updating the answer key. If you had requested and received a key from me via email, then I have a copy of your email and will be sure to send you an updated key.

Please share Visual Patterns often and early. Thank you!!

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