Teacher Appreciation

Today I remember my 7th grade home economics teacher Mrs. Quiggle. Marge Quiggle. She was already old when she was my teacher. I didn’t speak a whole lot of English then, but I suppose one does not need to be well versed in the language to sew a sundress or make a baked Alaska. A couple of months ago I started sewing again, and I thought about Mrs. Quiggle a lot, how she made me press open every seam before continuing on.


Then there was Mr. Anderson. He was my 8th grade social studies teacher. I had a crush on him. I don’t know why because he was not particularly handsome. I worked extra hard to submit an extra awesome book report on Nigeria. Before I moved away (leaving Minnesota for Oregon), he gave me a picture of him standing next to his wife. Nobody cared about his wife of course, but he was my favorite.

Today I’m also reading my 6th graders’ responses to this warm-up. The answer is there are 30 days left of school.



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