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Ethan Hall, teacher and web entrepreneur from Israel, emailed me this morning asking me to check out his visual patterns generator on dudamath.com. There’s a lot of cool graphing tools other than the VP generator. I’m kinda blown away. Go play! Go do math!

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Grade 6 Rocks Visual Patterns

I’m always happy to hear how teachers use visualpatterns.org with their students. Michael Fenton shares how he uses the patterns with Desmos. And this. Alex Overwijk’s students use the big whiteboards. Whiteboard photos of http://t.co/ajYFLzRQSU that my S’s did yesterday….thanks @fawnpnguyen#mtbos#mathchatpic.twitter.com/UZd3HPfyoL — Alex Overwijk (@AlexOverwijk) March 7, 2015   Bridget Dunbar removes some figures, and […]

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We currently have 145 patterns on VisualPatterns.org. I’ve updated the key — intentionally did not use equation editor as some folks are not able to read it. I color coded it for quicker reference to the function types. Dropbox: Equations KEY. I’m going to leave the key out in the open for now. What students would visit this space. […]

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VisualPatterns.org Again

Who needs sleep. It’s been an exciting past couple of months sitting at my desk rebuilding blogs and websites. The only thing more stimulating would be to poke needles in my eyes. I re-created visualpatterns.org so you can now copy and/or save the patterns. It looks pretty much the same otherwise. Once again, I want to mention all these good people who have contributed […]

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