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Staircases and Steepness, Continued

This happened Thursday. By Friday morning the kids who did “base times height” learned that these numbers didn’t match up with the steepness ranking. They said, “That just gives you area.” So I made these sketches, and hopefully the kids understood why finding area wasn’t the same as finding steepness. Those who did not do “base times […]

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Staircase and Steepness

AHHHH, I love how this lesson has turned out so far!! Today was our 3rd day of State testing, and because I have 8th graders for homeroom, we still have three more days of testing next week. Ick. I didn’t want to cram/review again with my 6th graders today, so I thought of doing a lesson on “steepness” (adapted from Swan […]

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Always Sometimes Never

I did Always-Sometimes-Never (ASN) questions with my 6th graders.  The kids were randomly paired up to work on placing 18 mathematical statements into appropriate columns: always true, sometimes true, and never true. The students were really involved in the discussion and coming up with examples.  They had to translate some of the statements into equations or inequalities and defend their […]

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4 Good Things

I’ve been making time on Sunday evenings to go through my Google Reader and peruse the blogosphere of all things math.  The problem is my dedicated one hour becomes two hours, two becomes three, and then it’s already past midnight.  We all know that Mondays come too soon. Here are 4 really good things I gained yesterday: 1. Of course I learned […]

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