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Driving Them Nuts

I’m proud of my students. I’m proud of what we do in room 15. My classroom. My home away from home for the last 11 years. These bopping teenagers, sullen one minute bubbly the next, hormonal but invincible. They don’t all love math like I do. (Not everyone loves college football, but we get along.) What is happening […]

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Teaching is hard work.

Teaching is hard work. We struggle to make the lesson move forward the way we imagined it would. We fail to sustain the mathematical conversation outlined in the teacher’s guide. We gain weight. We lose humor. We allow inertia to overstay. We feel less whole because we keep a mental scorecard — our failures are ahead by five. And it’s only December. […]

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Technology and Construction Papers are Cool

Big-time struggles for my 8th graders on this problem from Five Triangles mathematics. The one student who got it also struggled, but he was good about our rule of “never tell an answer.” What I gathered from seeing their boards and listening to them explain: They wanted to find the area of the parallelogram first. So […]

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