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Just how fabulous is Desmos. Following up on last Friday’s lesson, I had the kids create “Des-man” on Desmos. I made these very simple sketches, showed them to the kids, and told them the minimum requirements: face and mouth must be parabolas eyes and nose are linear equations Not only was this so great to reinforce slope, y-intercept, and all the coefficients, it also […]

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Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Bleh. I don’t know of a clever way to teach parallel and perpendicular lines. I’ll try asking kids questions and maybe their answers will guide me and make me look smart until 2:50 p.m. Me: Using your arms, show me parallel lines. They do. One boy clasps his hands together like he’s praying. M: What […]

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Barbie Bungee

Last night: 7:06 – I bought a 1-lb bag of rubber bands at Staples for my Barbie Bungee activity today. 8:00ish – Went to read @ddmeyer ‘s new post about a mullet lesson at Matt Vaudrey ‘s blog. I loved his lesson and immediately followed him on Twitter. 8:43 – Sent him a tweet and got a reply. 9:50 – […]

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Staircases and Steepness, Continued

This happened Thursday. By Friday morning the kids who did “base times height” learned that these numbers didn’t match up with the steepness ranking. They said, “That just gives you area.” So I made these sketches, and hopefully the kids understood why finding area wasn’t the same as finding steepness. Those who did not do “base times […]

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Staircase and Steepness

AHHHH, I love how this lesson has turned out so far!! Today was our 3rd day of State testing, and because I have 8th graders for homeroom, we still have three more days of testing next week. Ick. I didn’t want to cram/review again with my 6th graders today, so I thought of doing a lesson on “steepness” (adapted from Swan […]

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