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All I Got on Classroom Management

Not enough people write about classroom management in a practical and realistic way. But this does! Helpful tips. https://t.co/oXXwOU6xDK — Michael Pershan (@mpershan) August 9, 2017 Classroom management is hard, and what’s “practical and realistic” for one person could be entirely impractical and unrealistic for someone else to follow. Take a math lesson taught successfully […]

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This Friendship

There are still a few minutes left in my Math 6 class when four 8th graders rush into my room. They hurry along the side of the room toward the front. They don’t interrupt me as I wrap up the lesson with my 6th graders. I can tell how excited they are to tell me […]

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Classroom Management

Give or take, scenes from my classroom last week: A walks into class, talking at full volume until someone shushes her and points to the obvious math talk on the board. B slouches in his desk, head barely above seat-back. C decides to dump out contents of his binder to find the math paper from 24 hours ago. D talks while I’m […]

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