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Family PS

I found this folder on my computer that I’d mentally tucked away in the O-em-gee-this-was-a-helluva-lot-of-work-so-never-doing-it-again-pile. It was my “Family PS” folder. (My last post was about PSs.) I opened up the folder and had one singular thought: God, I was good! But I don’t mean “good” in the sense of brilliance at all. I mean “good” in the sense of […]

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Making Problem Solving Part of the Math Curriculum

In my last post, I wrote: I also want to start them immediately on the weekly Problem Solving (aka PS — our parents call them PMS, haha, such funny parents we have). I might write a post on this because it’s really at the heart of why I love teaching math. So, this is a post about my favorite geeky mathy thingy that […]

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