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McDonald’s MONOPOLY Game

Dan’s Money Duck makes me think of McDonald’s MONOPOLY game. Can’t remember the last time I was in McDonald’s, but now I’m curious about the odds of winning in this popular game. I look up the Official Rules for the 2013 game and focus only on the Instant Win Prizes of the In-Store Game. For each prize, McDonald’s discloses its value, how […]

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Designing License Plates

Yesterday I saw this question in the 6th grade workbook: Use the Fundamental Counting Principle to find the total number of outcomes in each situation… 12. a license plate that has 3 numbers from 0 to 9 and 2 letters. Then an idea popped into my head that my kids could design these license plates. We’ve covered sample […]

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Unders and Overs

Here’s where I got the idea for “Unders and Overs.” Yesterday my colleague alerted me that we were behind in our 6th grade pacing calendar by almost two chapters. I’m always behind in this annoying and demanding calendar but never quite this far back. So just like that I told the kids we were done with Chapter 8 and let’s move on to […]

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