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Area of a Circle

After finding the formula for the circumference of a circle, my 6th graders were ready to work on finding the area of a circle. I asked them to draw a circle on notebook paper, any size, but not too small. Then I gave each a centimeter cube to trace one face onto their paper to remind them how much the area of one […]

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Follow Up on Friday Bubbles

My 6th graders had a blast last Friday blowing bubbles. Upon their return on Monday, I asked for ten groups to volunteer just one set of their circumference and diameter numbers. Then I asked, “What is the relationship between these numbers?” Some quiet mumbling, then just quiet. I asked again, “I have these 10 sets of numbers. What should I do with […]

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Friday Bubbles

This activity is a lot of fun for 6th graders to discover for themselves the relationship between diameter and circumference. Given a small container of bubble solution, the student pours a little of it onto his/her desk and use a straw to blow a bubble. When a bubble pops, it leaves enough of an imprint on […]

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