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Venturing Into the Sequel of Penny Pyramid

I didn’t get around to doing Penny Pyramid when I first saw it last year. But Dan‘s 3-post series and Nathan‘s recent mention of it were the reminders I needed to make it happen. Act 1 how many pennies how much money is that how long did it take who in their right mind would do this/who has that patience how much […]

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Patterns Poster for Algebra 1

A month ago I wrote a post on First Day Lessons. Many — more than two — of you expressed interest in the lesson “Patterns Poster” for Algebra 1. I would never redo a lesson if I didn’t think it was worthwhile, and I think this is the 7th year that I do this same lesson to start off algebra. […]

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First Lessons in Algebra 1

I just want to quickly share my tentative first batch of lessons for Algebra 1 as I’m putting them together. I’m sure some of it would also be appropriate for younger and older kids. 1st lesson is here. 2nd lesson: algebraic_thinking — I really like these 8 problems! 3rd lesson: odd_one_out — I especially like this because there’s no one correct answer. What’s important is […]

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First Day Lessons

I have been doing the same first-day math activities for a few years now. There hasn’t been anything on my radar to cause me to change them, but I’m always looking. However, I’m 100% sure I will NOT be going over classroom rules and procedures. Math 6: Skittles Here’s the Skittles_Lab handout. I have to tweak this activity to incorporate TinkerPlots — […]

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Circles Galore

This lesson is from MARS. Using graphics from the original source, I created this recording sheet — in pdf circles_galore and in docx circles_galore. But instead of passing out the worksheet and starting right in like I had intended, I placed the stack in my desk drawer and decided to ask the kids to follow my instructions to create the diagrams. (I’m […]

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