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I Can’t Afford Not To

When I share with teachers what my students do outside of the textbook/curriculum, I get the familiar and reasonable concern from them that there’s not enough time to cover the content as is, how is it possible to do “other stuff,” such as: Math Munch Problem Solving (weekly, in-class, group) Math Talks (including Visual Patterns) My reasons for […]

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The Name is Munch, Math Munch

I’ve mentioned Math Munch before and tweeted its scrumptious bits every now and then. I wanted teachers to see the site and share its contents with their students. But truth be told, we teachers often get side-tracked, we’d be all gung-ho about something in September, only to see it vanish by the first snowfall. (I’m a nostalgic […]

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Have you had your Math Munch today?

I read Math Munch’s latest post yesterday. Today my students sketched out their birthdays inspired by the post. Just as Brandon Todd Wilson limited himself to only one hour to work on each day’s number, I gave my students exactly one class period to do theirs.   The perfect kind of year-end lesson that does wonders for Eighth Grade-itus. […]

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