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Math Taboo Game

Pretty sure I lied to my algebra students when I announced abruptly, “Let’s play this game. It’s a lot of fun!” I had never played the game before as I just thought of it when I spoke the words. (They were doing polynomial factoring and were being so nice and quiet. I can’t stand “nice […]

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A Lazy Teacher’s Version of Block Game

I love the “Block” game that my colleague Erin has shared with me. Erin found it at Maria Anderson’s post. It looked familiar, turned out it was one of Elizabeth’s #made4math posts. I know I’m late to this good find because Bowman responded when I tweeted how much I love this game: bowmanimal: @fawnpnguyen @busynessgirl i use this for antiderivatives. love it! i made cards with […]

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Math Teachers’ Circle

Last Monday morning I was on a SuperShuttle from SFO to the Creekside Inn. But I was running a little late, so the driver took me straight to the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM). I was expecting a tall building with lots of glass windows — instead the driver stopped here. I was at AIM to attend a one-week workshop on How to Run a […]

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