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MathEd Out

Adrian Pumphrey was very kind and patient when he interviewed me for this month’s MathEd Out podcast. Other folks whom Adrian had interviewed thus far: Julie Reulbach — blogs at I Speak Math Dan Meyer — blogs at dy/dan Lynne McClure — Director of NRich Daniel Schneider — blogs at Mathy McMatherson Sue VanHattum — blogs at Math Mama Writes Upcoming interviews: […]

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I’m very grateful to be here at the 3-day MAP Conference in South San Francisco — finally got to meet Malcolm Swan whose lessons I’ve used with my students for many years. I was delighted to see this slide because we did this lesson and it was one of my favorites. At the end of today’s session, we were […]

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4 Good Things

I’ve been making time on Sunday evenings to go through my Google Reader and peruse the blogosphere of all things math.  The problem is my dedicated one hour becomes two hours, two becomes three, and then it’s already past midnight.  We all know that Mondays come too soon. Here are 4 really good things I gained yesterday: 1. Of course I learned […]

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