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Making a Difference

Why it’s so hard for me to leave the classroom. I’m making a difference here and now.

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They Save Me

Like all mornings, the alarm on my cell phone pays no attention to my slumber and goes off anyway. I’ve changed the default ringtone of Radar to Ripples — it’s still annoying and elicits the same expletive from me. Another Monday. Just three more Mondays. Like going to the gym, the hardest part is getting there. Once I arrive […]

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A Love Letter to MTBoS (a.k.a. my #TMC15 keynote)

Thank you to Lisa Henry for asking me to talk at TMC and for believing that I could pull it off. Thank you to Baylor for the letter below that kicked me in the gut and said, “Stop whining and finish the slides.” I looked out to the audience and began with this ad lib. “This is as intimidating as […]

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Classroom Management

Give or take, scenes from my classroom last week: A walks into class, talking at full volume until someone shushes her and points to the obvious math talk on the board. B slouches in his desk, head barely above seat-back. C decides to dump out contents of his binder to find the math paper from 24 hours ago. D talks while I’m […]

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