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Global Math Week Starts on October 10, 2017

It was the summer of 2012 when I talked my colleagues, Erin and Melissa, into signing up for a week-long training in Palo Alto, California, to start a new Math Teachers’ Circle (MTC) program in our area. It was there that I first learned about Exploding Dots from Diana White, an associate professor from the […]

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Making Problem Solving Part of the Math Curriculum

In my last post, I wrote: I also want to start them immediately on the weekly Problem Solving (aka PS — our parents call them PMS, haha, such funny parents we have). I might write a post on this because it’s really at the heart of why I love teaching math. So, this is a post about my favorite geeky mathy thingy that […]

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Math Teachers’ Circle

Last Monday morning I was on a SuperShuttle from SFO to the Creekside Inn. But I was running a little late, so the driver took me straight to the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM). I was expecting a tall building with lots of glass windows — instead the driver stopped here. I was at AIM to attend a one-week workshop on How to Run a […]

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