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Technology and Construction Papers are Cool

Big-time struggles for my 8th graders on this problem from Five Triangles mathematics. The one student who got it also struggled, but he was good about our rule of “never tell an answer.” What I gathered from seeing their boards and listening to them explain: They wanted to find the area of the parallelogram first. So […]

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Don Steward’s Complete the Quadrilateral

This activity is from Don Steward’s post Complete the Quadrilateral. I’ve only learned of Don’s MEDIAN site more recently, and it’s a treasure trove because nearly every post can be an instant lesson in itself. Thank you! I like this set of 24 problems a lot, but when I click on the image of the problem in his post, I […]

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A Lesson Salvaged

The intended activity from MAP did not go well last week. I gave these instructions: Pair up. One person is the Describer, the other the Drawer. The Describer is going to look at a Roman mosaic and describe it to the Drawer to draw it. Both people may talk to each other, but no hands or any other bodily gestures. The Describer may not look […]

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