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Tracy Zager’s New Book

[Posted earlier today on FB.] Two plus years ago Tracy Zager contacted me for an interview about a post I’d written; she said she’d like to include parts of it in a book she was writing. Of course I was stupid with joy and honored. Then I got to meet Tracy in person at a math […]

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A Book: Thinking Mathematically

I’m re-reading Thinking Mathematically, an assigned book from a math course I took years ago in Portland. I was teaching science at the time but signed up anyway because I’ve always loved math. Thinking is still so good and resonates much more now that I’ve been teaching mathematics. In the Introduction, under “How to use this […]

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Sharing My Favorite Math Books with Students

In my next life I hope to be able to collect pretty shoes the way I’m collecting math books in this life. Of course I haven’t read them all. Not even close. But just seeing them on the bookshelf makes me happy. A good book is nothing if not shared. I always share some of my favorite […]

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