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Barbie Bungee Revisited and Better Than Yours Class Lists

This year I’ve taken away a lot of my step-by-step instructions for the Barbie Bungee activity that I’d posted 1.5 years ago. They get no handouts, only some verbal instructions: See that gob of tape up there? That’s leftover tape from previous years where Barbie had taken her jump. It should be at 3 meters up. Well, […]

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Vroom Vroom

I normally share a lesson that I’ve already done with students, but I’m still tweaking this one and needing to write some thoughts down before my noggin turns back into soft tofu. I bought these 14 pull-back friction toy cars (2 sets) for $30 at Costco. Amazon posts a video of how well these soft squeezable cars […]

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