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MathEd Out

Adrian Pumphrey was very kind and patient when he interviewed me for this month’s MathEd Out podcast. Other folks whom Adrian had interviewed thus far: Julie Reulbach — blogs at I Speak Math Dan Meyer — blogs at dy/dan Lynne McClure — Director of NRich Daniel Schneider — blogs at Mathy McMatherson Sue VanHattum — blogs at Math Mama Writes Upcoming interviews: […]

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What the Kids Thought

Recently Dan Meyer asks Mathalicious which of these three questions is “real world”? Karim Ani, founder of Mathalicious, and others have opined without consensus on this particular question and on the general notion of real-world vs. fake-world problems. I wonder what my 8th grade geometry kids think of this question. I give them Version A on a strip of paper and ask them to work on […]

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Venturing Into the Sequel of Penny Pyramid

I didn’t get around to doing Penny Pyramid when I first saw it last year. But Dan‘s 3-post series and Nathan‘s recent mention of it were the reminders I needed to make it happen. Act 1 how many pennies how much money is that how long did it take who in their right mind would do this/who has that patience how much […]

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Stack ’em High

My algebra kiddos are doing Dan Meyer’s Stacking Cups because Andrew Stadel did the lesson and wrote glowingly about it. But Andrew used only one-size cups, I used three (that’s three!) different sizes. Who’s better now. Just eyeballing I ask students to look at me, look at this 12-oz Styrofoam cup that I’m holding, and estimate how many cups they […]

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Equilateral Triangles

Thank you to Dan Meyer for this great task idea on equilateral triangles. Act One is this video which asks for a ranking of how well each teacher had drawn his equilateral triangle. But as soon as I saw the video, two thoughts came up: We’re in a 0:1 classroom right now, and having the whole class come […]

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Mr. Meyer’s Taco Cart

Won’t be long before I have to change the post title to Dr. Meyer’s Taco Cart. This lesson went really well today. Act 1: We watched the video clip. Their guesses: Me: That was fun. Kinda split in the middle there with your guesses. But that question of who gets there first only gave you two choices, […]

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Last Math Lessons

On the first day of school, I promised all my students that I’d do my best to make math relevant and challenging. I also promised to never waste their time, therefore they could expect to do math every day in my class, including the last day of class. I did not promise them that math would be fun […]

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4 Good Things

I’ve been making time on Sunday evenings to go through my Google Reader and peruse the blogosphere of all things math.  The problem is my dedicated one hour becomes two hours, two becomes three, and then it’s already past midnight.  We all know that Mondays come too soon. Here are 4 really good things I gained yesterday: 1. Of course I learned […]

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