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Barbie Bungee Revisited and Better Than Yours Class Lists

This year I’ve taken away a lot of my step-by-step instructions for the Barbie Bungee activity that I’d posted 1.5 years ago. They get no handouts, only some verbal instructions: See that gob of tape up there? That’s leftover tape from previous years where Barbie had taken her jump. It should be at 3 meters up. Well, […]

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I really needed to read this note tonight.

Only 9 hours until the first class bell of 2012-2013. I still need to shower and get some sleep. I need to wake up early enough to make my kids’ lunches also. They’re seniors, for crying out loud, can’t they make their own lunches? Oh, but they might forget to pack fruits and water. Do I have […]

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Barbie Bungee

Last night: 7:06 – I bought a 1-lb bag of rubber bands at Staples for my Barbie Bungee activity today. 8:00ish – Went to read @ddmeyer ‘s new post about a mullet lesson at Matt Vaudrey ‘s blog. I loved his lesson and immediately followed him on Twitter. 8:43 – Sent him a tweet and got a reply. 9:50 – […]

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