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Four Square and Other Questions

One afternoon during recess I noticed that the Four Square grid at our school had been enlarged. Naturally I yelled out to the kids, “Hey kids, when did they make this larger? I wonder what percent increase this is. What do you think?” Taking a nanosecond pause from their game, they yelled out their estimates, anywhere from 50% to […]

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Driving Them Nuts

I’m proud of my students. I’m proud of what we do in room 15. My classroom. My home away from home for the last 11 years. These bopping teenagers, sullen one minute bubbly the next, hormonal but invincible. They don’t all love math like I do. (Not everyone loves college football, but we get along.) What is happening […]

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Sleep On It

This lesson mattress_sizes1 is the result of my spending 4 nights sleeping on a really nice bed wrapped under thousand-thread-count sheets! Part 1: The Mattresses I asked the kids to guess how the size of the little rectangles on paper compare to the real mattresses. (It’s 2% of actual.) We ignored the thickness. Then I asked them what the scale […]

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Area of a Circle

After finding the formula for the circumference of a circle, my 6th graders were ready to work on finding the area of a circle. I asked them to draw a circle on notebook paper, any size, but not too small. Then I gave each a centimeter cube to trace one face onto their paper to remind them how much the area of one […]

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Follow Up on Friday Bubbles

My 6th graders had a blast last Friday blowing bubbles. Upon their return on Monday, I asked for ten groups to volunteer just one set of their circumference and diameter numbers. Then I asked, “What is the relationship between these numbers?” Some quiet mumbling, then just quiet. I asked again, “I have these 10 sets of numbers. What should I do with […]

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Blaming the British Paper Size

I bought this lovely red book — and the blue one too — from the Shell Centre for Mathematical Education back in 2007 and paid a pretty penny to get it shipped from Nottingham, UK. [07/04/14: This book is now available for free download.] I noticed immediately that the book and the “Masters for Photocopying” were not of the […]

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Circles Galore

This lesson is from MARS. Using graphics from the original source, I created this recording sheet — in pdf circles_galore and in docx circles_galore. But instead of passing out the worksheet and starting right in like I had intended, I placed the stack in my desk drawer and decided to ask the kids to follow my instructions to create the diagrams. (I’m […]

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Investigating Area With Paper Folding

Last Thursday was a half-day for students because we had Open House in the evening.  I decided it was a good day for my geometry students to do some paper folding.  I gave each student about 5 sheets of hamburger patty paper and these instructions: Task 1: construct (by folding) a square that is 1/4 the area of the […]

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