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My old math talks site needed to die. It was riddled with missing image icons and plagued by shitty formatting. I had to fix the main blog and do other things, so this could wait. Only 2 or 3 people in the universe were checking it out anyway. Although traffic to math talks is low to nil, I’m really fond of it. […]

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VisualPatterns.org Again

Who needs sleep. It’s been an exciting past couple of months sitting at my desk rebuilding blogs and websites. The only thing more stimulating would be to poke needles in my eyes. I re-created visualpatterns.org so you can now copy and/or save the patterns. It looks pretty much the same otherwise. Once again, I want to mention all these good people who have contributed […]

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Patterns Poster for Algebra 1

A month ago I wrote a post on First Day Lessons. Many — more than two — of you expressed interest in the lesson “Patterns Poster” for Algebra 1. I would never redo a lesson if I didn’t think it was worthwhile, and I think this is the 7th year that I do this same lesson to start off algebra. […]

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First Lessons in Algebra 1

I just want to quickly share my tentative first batch of lessons for Algebra 1 as I’m putting them together. I’m sure some of it would also be appropriate for younger and older kids. 1st lesson is here. 2nd lesson: algebraic_thinking — I really like these 8 problems! 3rd lesson: odd_one_out — I especially like this because there’s no one correct answer. What’s important is […]

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