One-Tweet Post

Because I can.

And because I really love the kid who wrote this on her test. I’ll call her G. She tells me more than once, “Ms. Win, I’m not good in math. I struggle a lot, but this is my favorite class because you’re my favorite teacher!”

G has a tough time paying attention in class. She is always digging around in her backpack looking for something — the way an adult looks for misplaced keys or wallet. I love her mom too who has big sections of her hair dyed pink plus some other neon colors. Mom chills out in my room after school on Mondays because that’s when I offer extra help to students, and G is made to attend. I like watching G and her mom put their heads together and work on the problems. Mom acts like a kid when she’s doing math, and I say that in the most heartwarming way.

Sometimes I think about what my students will do when they grow up. I think G will just be fabulous because she really doesn’t give a shit about what others think of her. It is true because it is true.

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