Not That You Care about My Schedule

Another two weeks and I will have completed 22 years of full-time teaching. Time flies when you’re grading papers and having fun. Says no one.

I have a handful of commitments that I’d like to share — maybe you’ll be in attendance or in town and we can say hello!

Now: I’m working with Max Ray-Riek, Rafranz Davis, and Elizabeth Statmore on a writing project that if-I-told-you-I’d-have-to-kill-you-so-please-just-eat-a-cracker. I’m just honored to collaborate with these three amazing people.

June 5-6: I’ll be at NCTM Headquarters — in Reston, Virginia — to attend my first meeting as a new member of the Professional Development Services Committee (PDSC). We’ll meet again in August and November of this year.

June 25-26: Ashli Black has invited me to speak at the Oregon Math Network conference. I wonder why. :) I’m grateful that Ashli thought of me. Elizabeth will be there too! I’m planning to stay in Oregon for an extra week to visit with family. Actually that’s a lie because I really just want to hang out in all 56 breweries in Portland.

July 23-26: Twitter Math Camp! On Friday, 4:00 to 5:00, I’ll be co-presenting with Matt Vaudrey on Barbie Bungee and Desmos. (Matt is the presenter. I pass out the rubber bands.) On Saturday, 1:30 to 2:30, I’ll be giving a keynote. Lisa Henry rejected my request to have the talk at the local karaoke bar. #killjoy

July 27-29: The day after #TMC15, I will be one of the presenters at NCTM Interactive Institute in Anaheim, CA. My 3 sessions (over 3 days with the same attendees) will focus specifically on ratios and proportions. Andrew Stadel is the other presenter on the same topic, but he’ll have his own attendees in a different room. Guess the demand is higher for this topic thus they’re offering two concurrent workshops. [Update, July 10: Due to lower than expected enrollment numbers, I’d volunteered to cancel my part in this. Andrew will rock this!]

August: I need to carve out some time to fulfill my role as one of the judges for the Item Writers project.

August 6: I’ll be doing a full-day workshop in Santa Barbara. It’s the 3rd Summer Institute of Teaching Beyond Textbooks.

August 12-14: The UCSB Math Project is my favorite probably because I’ve been at it the longest (5 years?) and it’s local and the people whom I work with know how cranky I get when I don’t eat. We are putting on a leadership retreat at the beautiful La Casa de Maria.

August 21-23: I’ll be back in Virginia for the NCTM PDSC meeting.

October 22-25: Chris Hunter had invited me to present at the Northwest Math Conference in Whistler, Canada. I’m honored and excited to hang out with these familiar faces and meet new people! With any luck, I might finally get to meet Timon Piccini.

November 6-8: I had a wonderful breakfast with Brian Shay on the last day of NCTM Boston. Told him how busy life had become and that I needed to say “no” more. A week went by and I got an email from Bruce Grip asking me to speak at CMC-South. Guess who told Bruce to contact me. (I said yes only because this presentation will be a repeat from the Whistler one above.)

Have you ever driven through the intersection only to realize that you’re now stuck in the intersection because traffic is just not moving? The yellow light that you try to beat is about to turn red — which means within nanoseconds of that happening the light will turn green for the other people. Except these other people can’t go anywhere because you’re the asshole inside the car that’s blocking their passage. But a miracle happens. Someone has pulled up right behind you! Yeah. Someone who is an even bigger asshole than you thinks there’s room for their car to squeeze through the intersection before the red light gets any redder. So you’re now blocking traffic but smiling and thinking, Hey I’m not the biggest asshole after all. Everyone is now mad at the douchelord behind me. What a great day this has been. I’m going to get some sushi.

I forget the point of this story. Or the point is that lately I feel like I’ve been that first asshole. So sad.

Anyway, have a wonderful summer if you’re already there. (Translation: You suck.)

Hope to see you at the next gathering! xox

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