MathEd Out

Adrian Pumphrey was very kind and patient when he interviewed me for this month’s MathEd Out podcast.

Other folks whom Adrian had interviewed thus far:

  1. Julie Reulbach — blogs at I Speak Math
  2. Dan Meyer — blogs at dy/dan
  3. Lynne McClure — Director of NRich
  4. Daniel Schneider — blogs at Mathy McMatherson
  5. Sue VanHattum — blogs at Math Mama Writes

Upcoming interviews:

  1. Bill McCallum — Lead author of CCSS
  2. James Grime — Numberphile
  3. Malcolm Swan — MARS

Thank you, Adrian, for the honor and pleasure to do this. I’m really bummed that I won’t be at #TMC14 to meet you in person.

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