I really needed to read this note tonight.

Only 9 hours until the first class bell of 2012-2013. I still need to shower and get some sleep. I need to wake up early enough to make my kids’ lunches also. They’re seniors, for crying out loud, can’t they make their own lunches? Oh, but they might forget to pack fruits and water. Do I have any clean clothes to wear and what am I wearing as it’ll be warm again tomorrow? What am I forgetting?

Shoot, I need to clean out my school bag.

I turn my bag upside down to literally dump everything out. A small blue envelope drops out along with two paper clips, a napkin, some papers, a bag of hot cocoa mix. I tear into the envelope not even guessing whom it’s from. I’m really tired.

Oh no, it’s from J. He wrote this back in June! I’m so sorry I’m just reading this now.

1Dear Mrs. Nguyen

You have been an awesome, amazing teacher this year! Learning Algebra was fun, but you really brought it to a whole new level! My favorite project we did was the Barbie Bungee jumping, and I also really liked how you brought up the idea of doing an online e-portfolio! I will always remember how excited you got when you told us stories or shared pictures, and you’ve made the class crack up so hard to a point where I was crying! I will also be crying because once I’ve left Mesa, and all your classroom’s memories will stay in my heart. But of course I will move on to Geometry in High School, with a different teacher and a different class and still have fun. I hope to see you again Mrs. Nguyen!



Although it’s a 3-month old note card, the timing is perfectly serendipitous for me to read this the night before classes begin. Maybe no nightmares tonight — that would be a first. Maybe I’ll have a good first day. Maybe tomorrow’s school lunch will be yummy. Maybe I really love to teach.

May we all have a wonderful school year.

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