Google Classroom

Falling behind on #MTBoS30 already!

Here’s my excuse.


Bonanza, Oregon


I’m loving Google Classroom. We have effectively gone nearly paperless by doing warm-ups, weekly PoWs, problem solving, almost anything and everything in Classroom. I appreciate the efficiency of organizing folders and the seamless integration with Google Drive. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m excited with how we’re using Classroom already.

I put a visual pattern in Google Draw for students to mark up the pattern and figure out the equation.


Visual Pattern #195 from


Visual Pattern #177 from

Students complete a Google doc for other warm-ups. Here’s one we just started today.



Students do PoWs (from NCTM The Math Forum) in Classroom, and I can give them feedback directly on there.


We save valuable class time by posting answers to textbook problems in Classroom.


You get the idea. I would love to learn how you use Classroom! Please share in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @fawnpnguyen.

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