First Lessons in Algebra 1

I just want to quickly share my tentative first batch of lessons for Algebra 1 as I’m putting them together. I’m sure some of it would also be appropriate for younger and older kids.

1st lesson is here.

2nd lessonalgebraic_thinking — I really like these 8 problems!


3rd lessonodd_one_out — I especially like this because there’s no one correct answer. What’s important is the kid’s explanation of why they chose a particular object.


4th lessongreek_cross — I’ll have the kids use the humongous whiteboards that our principal just got for us! Ahhh, so excited!


5th lessonPEMDAS_RELAY — Because these are my 8th grade Algebra kids who should know order of operations already, I’m going to start with this little relay game just to see. (For my 6th graders, I’d do this after some other intro lesson to PEMDAS.)



[Updated 09/06/12]

I tweeted today that all 6 teams did not come up with final correct answer on this relay. Upon closer inspection, it was Person 2 in each team who made the error. Sadly they did addition before multiplication. However, they loved the game and wanted to do it again. So I made two more games, PEMDAS_RELAY_2 and PEMDAS_RELAY_3.]

And how can I talk about PEMDAS now without mentioning @mr_stadel‘s most awesome music video. I did send out a tweet that I thought it could use more cowbell, and he promised a remix.

Notice how hard I try to avoid asking the kids to open up the textbook. We will, maybe in January. I really hope you could use these lessons or pass them along. (Hey now, I’m blogging on a Sunday with all the football games on. It must be love — a new me that I don’t even recognize.)

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