Finding Ways at WordPress

I have a new site because of the little note below. I thought about taking up boxing on roller skates because that just seemed much more doable than rebuilding the blog.

When we retire all QuickBlogcast® accounts on June 25, 2014, you will no longer have access to  your account, including its content, and your blog will no longer be available on the Internet.

Darling Nik Doran figured out a way to save all 192 posts, including the images. The work to rebuild 84 of the 192 posts that you see here had been daunting and desperate. Text-heavy posts were essentially just copy-paste-reformat. However, most of my lesson posts included images that were part of the story telling, and these just took a lot more time to reconstruct. The remaining 108 posts shall remain dormant as I doubt anyone will miss them.

With the exception of 2 posts, I kept all the post titles exactly the same as before, and with a much more receptive search button in WordPress, you should be able to find that post you are looking for or may have linked to.

I’m most appreciative of any and all comments you’d left for me in the old space. They too are saved.

The posts for 180 Days of Math at Mesa and MathTalks are also salvaged, but they’ll have to stay offline for now, or forever.

Thankfully Visual Patterns remains intact.

I hope you’re finding lots of ways to relax and replenish this summer. I have have few commitments to keep me out of trouble, but I’m much more rested and finding excuses to try a new IPA every now and then.


[Updated 07/16/2014]

Karlene Steelman helped me get 180 Days back up, and I finished restoring MathTalks.

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