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Baklava and Euler

Some 20 years ago. Two colleagues were talking in the hallway outside my classroom when I approached. Guess they were talking about food. He turned to me and said, “I bet Fawn doesn’t know what a baklava is.” I said, “I do know,” and walked away. What I really wanted to say: Hey asshole. Why did […]

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A to Z

I’m just following Annie’s lead. Here goes — just whatever word comes to my mind starting with that letter and how I might use it in a sentence. A — Attorney. I should have been an attorney so I may charge my unfortunate client in increments of 1/20 hour. B — Buttercloud. At Buttercloud Bakery & […]

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A Few Thoughts

A few questions and thoughts are bouncing around in my head this week. What is computational thinking? How much of what my students are doing can be considered computational thinking? I like this related post from today. Hoping to talk a lot more about this after I’ve gathered more background and practice. Many of our students needed a […]

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What song was it?

I miss having time to read and write. I miss my kids. Nicolai is graduating from college in two weeks. Gabriel has decided, after freshman year, that college is not for him. He thought about being a truck driver because he likes to drive. I once wanted to be a truck driver too. Contemplating the life of […]

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The word privilege is being spoken and written many times over. Within the past couple of years I’m seeing and hearing privilege used in an undeniably distinct context. (Or it could be that I was unknowingly and partially deaf and blind to this context.) The word is written on cardboard signs, on people’s faces — and no matter what surface […]

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Nicer Shoes

I stand in the food line with a round plastic container. My sister too, with her own round plastic container. When we get to the front of the line, we tell the people with the big ladles that we would like six servings please because there are six of us. We do this three times […]

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My Gratitude and One Share

I sat down wanting to share a lesson I did in Algebra on Friday, but I’m weepy because it’s Veterans Day. Please allow me to share this first. I love this country. I love the America that welcomed me and my brothers and sisters with open arms 36 years ago. I love Mrs. Schnettler for patiently teaching […]

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One More Thought Before Classes Begin

My neck snapped as I quickly turned toward the homophobic comment that just came from one of my students. I stared at the small group of students. Who said that? Why would you say that?! I wanted to say something but nothing came out. My mouth went dry as my eyes pooled up with tears. Their eyes softly settled on me, others looked down at […]

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You are a girl. Female.

Nicolai and I had another nice conversation this evening when I drove him back to his dorm. The sun was a giant orange ball sinking near the horizon of Pacific Coast Highway. We talked about girls. I talked about my mistakes, lots of them. I told him the same thing I said at the dinner table two […]

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