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One-Word Writing Prompts

Years ago at George Middle School (Portland, Oregon), the teachers were allowed to teach something we were passionate about. The class would be twice a week, right after lunch, for just 20 minutes. I was a science teacher at the school and asked if I may teach “writing for writing.” My principal reacted with slightly […]

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Finding Ways at WordPress

I have a new site because of the little note below. I thought about taking up boxing on roller skates because that just seemed much more doable than rebuilding the blog. When we retire all QuickBlogcast® accounts on June 25, 2014, you will no longer have access to  your account, including its content, and your blog will no […]

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We Won First Place!

Today the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) held its 12th annual engineering competition during National Engineers Week.  We were one of 14 junior high schools invited to participate.  Each school brings a team of 5 students and 1 teacher, and NAVSEA assigns one of its engineers to assist us in building a rocket launcher. Our task was to […]

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