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A Lazy Teacher’s Version of Block Game

I love the “Block” game that my colleague Erin has shared with me. Erin found it at Maria Anderson’s post. It looked familiar, turned out it was one of Elizabeth’s #made4math posts. I know I’m late to this good find because Bowman responded when I tweeted how much I love this game: bowmanimal: @fawnpnguyen @busynessgirl i use this for antiderivatives. love it! i made cards with […]

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Family PS

I found this folder on my computer that I’d mentally tucked away in the O-em-gee-this-was-a-helluva-lot-of-work-so-never-doing-it-again-pile. It was my “Family PS” folder. (My last post was about PSs.) I opened up the folder and had one singular thought: God, I was good! But I don’t mean “good” in the sense of brilliance at all. I mean “good” in the sense of […]

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Why Wait for Calculus?

(I just had my very best lesson yesterday, on a Friday, thank you. I feel almost brilliant right now. And I only feel like this once every 47 years, so please stay and read this post!) My own kids tell me they will stock up their dorm rooms and apartments with junk food and soda when they move out […]

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Daily Math Warm-Ups

I’m being optimistic when I claim that each year about half of my lessons are keepers, the other half gets dumped in the crap-lessons-landfill. I’m pretty happy with the way I’m doing math warm-ups this year, more importantly, the kids tell me they like the format and the questions. I need to point out that I have […]

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4 Good Things

I’ve been making time on Sunday evenings to go through my Google Reader and peruse the blogosphere of all things math.  The problem is my dedicated one hour becomes two hours, two becomes three, and then it’s already past midnight.  We all know that Mondays come too soon. Here are 4 really good things I gained yesterday: 1. Of course I learned […]

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