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Playing With Math: Stories from Math Circles, Homeschoolers, and Passionate Teachers

Sue VanHattum’s blog Math Mama Writes was one of the earliest math blogs I frequented. Sue and Shireen, Dan, Kate, and Sam were among the first people who showed me – through their passionate writing – that there was an online community where we may share the teaching and learning of mathematics in the classroom. When I started this blog, Sue dropped in to […]

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McDonald’s MONOPOLY Game

Dan’s Money Duck makes me think of McDonald’s MONOPOLY game. Can’t remember the last time I was in McDonald’s, but now I’m curious about the odds of winning in this popular game. I look up the Official Rules for the 2013 game and focus only on the Instant Win Prizes of the In-Store Game. For each prize, McDonald’s discloses its value, how […]

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I Can’t Afford Not To

When I share with teachers what my students do outside of the textbook/curriculum, I get the familiar and reasonable concern from them that there’s not enough time to cover the content as is, how is it possible to do “other stuff,” such as: Math Munch Problem Solving (weekly, in-class, group) Math Talks (including Visual Patterns) My reasons for […]

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Barbie Bungee Revisited and Better Than Yours Class Lists

This year I’ve taken away a lot of my step-by-step instructions for the Barbie Bungee activity that I’d posted 1.5 years ago. They get no handouts, only some verbal instructions: See that gob of tape up there? That’s leftover tape from previous years where Barbie had taken her jump. It should be at 3 meters up. Well, […]

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The Name is Munch, Math Munch

I’ve mentioned Math Munch before and tweeted its scrumptious bits every now and then. I wanted teachers to see the site and share its contents with their students. But truth be told, we teachers often get side-tracked, we’d be all gung-ho about something in September, only to see it vanish by the first snowfall. (I’m a nostalgic […]

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I have 6^2 students. How many do you have?

When my daughter Sabrina was 2^3 years old, her grandfather would have been 3^4 if he were still alive. Unfortunately my father had already passed away on his birthday when I was 6^2 years old. While the above paragraph is all true, I don’t know of anyone who writes or talks like this. No one writes or speaks […]

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Math Taboo Game

Pretty sure I lied to my algebra students when I announced abruptly, “Let’s play this game. It’s a lot of fun!” I had never played the game before as I just thought of it when I spoke the words. (They were doing polynomial factoring and were being so nice and quiet. I can’t stand “nice […]

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I Khan’t Take This

Maybe it was Dan’s post that prompted me to spend some measurable time at Khan Academy late last night. I created an account at KA and was there for 37 minutes. I wanted to do some “practice” so it gave me a nice celestial menu to choose from. I chose Fractions — a concept that […]

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Drawing Rectangles Instead of Writing Equations

I don’t see dead people but I see rectangles all the time. The first time I saw a multiplication fact, like 3 x 5, as a rectangular array was after I’d graduated from college. And because I was so very late to this game, I thought drawing rectangles must be how everyone else — at least math […]

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Sharing My Favorite Math Books with Students

In my next life I hope to be able to collect pretty shoes the way I’m collecting math books in this life. Of course I haven’t read them all. Not even close. But just seeing them on the bookshelf makes me happy. A good book is nothing if not shared. I always share some of my favorite […]

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