Catching Up

According to my online Social Security account, my earnings record shows:

  • 24 years of full-time teaching
  • 2 years of half-time teaching
  • 1 year of subbing

It also shows this not-so-fun fact:


And this, which I find morosely funny:


Had I known ahead of time how depressing these numbers would be, I would have become a farmer instead. Grow cannabis or something. 

Anyway. It’s been a busy summer. I attended my first TODOS Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. I facilitated for NCTM’s Deep Dive for three 2-hour sessions on Ratios and Proportional Reasoning. Then I presented for CUE in Brentwood, CA, on Computational Thinking.

Thankfully I managed to squeeze out some time for a week-long camping trip at Shaver Lake and a trip to Oregon for my niece’s wedding.

I have three big commitments for the remainder of the year:

  1. BCAMT in Vancouver (BC) in October
  2. NCTM’s Innov8 in St. Louis in November
  3. CMC-North in Asilomar in December

We have a new principal this year, and I have a new math colleague (she and I make up the math department). My teaching assignment this coming year remains pretty much the same — 6th and 8th grade maths — except I’ll also teach an elective period of computational thinking (problem-solving) to 6th graders. What’s new is our block schedule which I have mixed feelings about as I’m not familiar with it. Kinda nice not having to see the brats every day though. :p

In summary, I need to work until I’m 104 just to afford rent on a two-bedroom in drought-stricken southern California. But hey, where else are you going to get summer-like weather year-round?

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