A Few Thoughts

A few questions and thoughts are bouncing around in my head this week.

What is computational thinking? How much of what my students are doing can be considered computational thinking? I like this related post from today. Hoping to talk a lot more about this after I’ve gathered more background and practice.

Many of our students needed a lot more time for the CAASPP than we’d allotted. Then their laptops keep booting them off the system, how does this affect their concentration and their will to finish the test?

[This problem is on my desk, so I cannot not see it. I got this problem from Michael Shaughnessy when I took his problem-solving course back in Portland, OR.] In medieval times, the inhabitants of a remote village decided to lock the village valuables in a giant chest to protect them from marauding thieves. They placed a number of locks on the chest, with each lock needing its own distinct key. For additional security, the villagers made sure that any three people from the village would always have among them the keys needed to open the locks, but no two people would have the keys to do it. How many locks are required, and how many keys?

What is the difference between cilantro and coriander? I’m having a quasi-argument with a friend about this. I think I should win this debate just because I’m Vietnamese and our dishes incorporate more herbs than any other culinary cultures I know of. (Btw, this is how you pronounce herbs — 0:51 to 0:57.)

I’d appreciate it if God could turn down the stress dial for me a bit. It’s set between MED and MED HIGH right now. But if I were a big pot of water, then I could take all the heat and then blow off steam. But I’m not. So I remember a joke Annie told me on Saturday and feel a bit better: “What did the blanket say when it fell off the bed? Oh sheet.”

Sometimes I wonder how I make it through the week. Then scrolling through my phone to see my son’s texts to me, I know how.


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