I have 6^2 students. How many do you have?

When my daughter Sabrina was 2^3 years old, her grandfather would have been 3^4 if he were still alive. Unfortunately my father had already passed away on his birthday when I was 6^2 years old.

While the above paragraph is all true, I don’t know of anyone who writes or talks like this. No one writes or speaks of people’s ages in exponent form.

No one except in this 7th grade Pre-Algebra textbook that we’d adopted for our school five years ago. I was a big part of that “we” even though I don’t teach Pre-Algebra. I liked all the bells and whistles, like online textbooks and resources, that Glencoe had to offer over the other publishers. But bells and whistles might serve the teaching of physical education better.

These are just some examples in two sections on exponent rules.

On page 541:

Also on page 541:

On page 559:

On page 561:

To be fair, the textbook does offer questions where numbers are appropriately written in exponent form, including:

  1. area of continents
  2. mass of a molecule
  3. distance between planets
  4. number of cells in culture
  5. computer processing speed

But this beauty on page 521 leaves me breathless:

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