A Day in the Life of a Mathematics Educator

The snapshots help me remember the segments of my day. The last picture, however, is from my Google search for "triangle thong."

 6:00  Alarm goes off, I kill another 10 minutes in bed. Make lunch for the kids. Put face on. Headlining the news is General Petraeus. Sounds like Betray-us. 

 7:30  I'm just a short drive from school. Beautiful today. Sixth graders are leaving for outdoor school. Good and bad. Good I don't have to teach them. Bad I don't get to teach them. The faster copy machine needs service. Like I need a pony. Former student who's doing cabin leader for outdoor school drops in to chat, tells me he's getting an A in Calculus.

 8:33  First period, Algebra, 8th graders. I give them 30 more minutes to work on matching the graphs to their stories and tables.

 9:23  Second period, 6th graders, only 7 kids are here, rest went to outdoor school. We use small whiteboards to work on integer operations. I give them 5 problems at a time, then I tell them how many incorrect ones they have without telling them which ones. Kevin and Taylen know this stuff, they help their peers.

 10:10  Recess begins. My prep period follows. Haven't eaten anything. Have to clean up room, my Barbies need to be refurbished, maybe I'll send the naked ones to @ChrisHunter36 or @MrPicc112 because I'm not sewing clothes for them. Twelve texts waiting? Oy, hubs includes me in a string of texts with his friend about the Rolling Stones starting a tour in NYC. Checking on Reader, 10 new posts. (Normally I read these in the morning with my imaginary coffee.) The featured math mistake kid should see post from Nico on histograms. 

11:15  Geometry. Hungry. Test review today. Not doing SBG with these kids. Don't tell them and nobody gets hurt. 

 12:05  Lunch. Just my luck, hot dog. Much quieter without my usual group of 6th graders coming in at lunch for extra help. Five 8th grade girls are hanging out in my room, they tell me that Christina Aguilera wears too much make-up on The Voice while her boobs are left hanging bare. 
Malainy: People just don't cover up any more. At this rate, in 10 years, we'll all walk around naked.
Marissa: Speaking of naked, I have a joke. I want to name my dog 'naked' so I can say I'm gonna go walk naked down the street.
12:40  Sustained Silent Reading. (Next week during this time, 3 times a weeks, the kids will have an elective instead. I'll be coaching MathCounts as an elective.)

1:13  I have the geometry kids again. They are quite worried about tomorrow's test. I tell them, "You should be." 

 2:03  The algebra kids start the day with me and end with me. Lucky children. They start out working alone on Sheets 1A and 1B of this lesson. Then I ask them to get with their same partner from the matching assignment earlier. LOVE this worksheet! The kids ARE FIGHTING with one another and making bets on question 1 already! Here's question 1:

Only 9 students choose the correct answer (b), the rest choose (c). I hear some say, "You owe me five bucks!" 

 3:15  I leave school to pick up my daughter, drop her off at home and drive to our girls' semi-finals volleyball game at another school. We win both games and will play for the championship this Thursday.

 6:20  Dinner is ready. After the volleyball game, I stop to get some groceries. My daughter helps me make shrimp curry (her request) and braised mustard green. Hungry and tired — and have not forgotten that I had a hot dog for lunch — I'm grateful for this simple but wonderful meal.

 8:15  I leave for the gym. After cardio, I go into the large room where they normally hold fitness classes during the day. The first thing I see — the only thing I see — is a small piece of triangular cloth on her. Not her in the picture, but her at the gym. (Even I know when it's not appropriate to take a picture of someone.) Same red color too. I suddenly think of @mrhonner.

Why just yesterday I was exchanging lively tweets with @bucharesttutor @mrhonner and @icecolbeveridge about the equilaterality of trianglesSo red-triangle-thong girl here, in heels of course, strikes a pose like they do on the billboards in Vegas. She stays locked in that pose. I'm trying not to stare, but damn it, this room has wall-to-wall mirrors. Then I see the three guys — two sitting, one standing — who seem to be coaching or judging her. 

Now I see the back of her, and you know, the string part just kinda disappears into her crack. I'm trying not to look! But it's my gym too. What the hell is she doing here looking all perfect and dressed like this?

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